Genesee Educators Earn Presidential Award for Excellence!

Team Idaho would like to send out a huge congratulations to Genesee, educators Tuana Johnson and Donna Wommack.   President Obama recently recognized 102 educators, two of those were from Genesee, Idaho.  

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“Tauna works to bring new ideas to her district and has written thousands of dollars worth of grants to help her school. These grants helped buy science equipment, funded science field trips for her students, and funded iPads and other technology for all elementary classrooms. Her latest grant had elementary students engineer a rinsing/recycling station for the school lunchroom.” – PAEMST Website

“Donna’s focus is to engage students in enriching, meaningful learning experiences. Her students learn mathematics, science, and engineering skills through rocketry, forest research, and activities that involve the entire community.”– PAEMST Website

The Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science teaching is awarded annually to outstanding K-12 teachers across the nation.

Check out the what the Superintendent had to say – HERE